The best possible treatment and care by our vets in Shropshire

Please contact the reception staff at our surgery to obtain details of prices, to make appointments and to be given full details of procedures to be adopted before and after surgery is performed.

We will always explain the pros and cons of any operation, and explain what we are going to do. You are welcome to obtain an estimate of the likely cost of any procedure by asking one of the vets. You will always have to sign an anaesthetic consent form before we admit your pet – as well as warning you about the potential risks involved. It also makes clear that you are expected to pay our fees when you collect your pet from the surgery.

Dogs will usually be given a pre-anaesthetic sedative which helps calm them and reduces the amount of anaesthetic we have to give. Please ensure that you always provide contact telephone numbers on which you can be reached. Please also note that clients are expected to pay for any surgical procedures when they collect their pet from the surgery.

Clients who have a TLC card are entitled to a discount on operations where the fee is in excess of £100, provided the card is presented at the time the pet is admitted to the surgery.

Guinea Pigs & Ferrets