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  • On-site surgical facilities
  • Pet passports
  • Heart scanning
  • Digital X-ray
  • Ultrasound scanning
  • In-house blood analysis
  • Weight management clinics
  • Free Small furry clinics
  • Nurse clinics
  • Dental treatments
  • House visits
  • Dermatology
  • Microchipping
  • Dedicated cat waiting area
  • Brachycephalic breeds

Brachycephalic Surgery

Dogs such as bulldogs, french bulldogs and pugs are all classed as brachycephalic due to their short muzzle and "squashed" facial appearance. Their popularity has grown massively over recent years but unfortunately they also potentially have some serious health problems. Including elongated pallets and narrow nostrils which can cause breathing difficulties.

They can also have a condition called Screw tail which is a malformation of the tail bones causing skin problems and severe pain.We are also able to correct a common condition called Cherry eye which is often seen in Bulldog type breeds but is correctable.

Lauren is experienced in carrying out all of these corrective surgeries having been trained for many years at a fellow practice Walpole and Bingham. All corrective surgery can be done on site using our specialist equipment.

Weight Management

Worried about your pet's weight?

Over 50% of the Uk's pets are classed as overweight and this is on the increase. We offer a weight management programme that gives you one-to-one consultations with our dedicated weight clinic nurse. For just £30, you get:

  • An initial 30 minute consultation
  • 5 follow-up consultations
  • A measuring cup and weight diary
  • A free bag of low-calorie treats
  • Written diet plan
  • The chance to win a free bag of food