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Are you looking for the lowest price, or the best value?

There is always someone who will do it for less, whatever, whoever and wherever 'it' is. We offer affordable care for your pet but will not always be the cheapest because that's not what we're about. We're about value. Our fees represent a fair price, especially when you take into account what's included as standard in everything we do.

  • Time to talk, to listen, and to consider your options
  • Caring, skilled, experienced staff
  • A partnership of care, we share the decision making with you
  • Continuity of care


  Standard Price
Initial Consultation £32.80



  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Dog Booster £35.20 Included
Primary Course £46.80 Included
Kennel Cough  £27.00 Included
Kennel Cough with Booster £21.00 Included
Cat Booster Flu-Ent-Leuk £34.20 Included
Cat Booster Flu and Ent only £29.60 Included
Primary Course Flu-Ent-Leuk £46.80 Included
Primary Course Flu and Ent only £40.20 Included

For more information about the Pet Health Club, please visit here.


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Dog castrate under 45kg £130.00 20% off
Dog castrate over 45kg £190.00 20% off
Dog spay under 45kg £175.00 20% off
Dog spay over 45kg £235.00 20% off
Cat castrate  £48.00 20% off
Cat spay £63.00 20% off
Rabbit sapy £94.00 20% off

If you need more information on Pet Health Club, please visit here.
Pre-operative pain relief is included in the price.

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